Shipping Info

Due to the large demand of orders the delivery time of our products is 12 to 30 days after the purchase has
been confirmed.However the vast majority of orders are delivered on average within 10 working days after purchase,
remembering that once the order is shipped, you will receive the tracking number by email.
We reserve the right to 30 working days after purchase to receive the product in your address, after this time
you can request a refund of the amount paid.
If you do not know your tracking number, please contact us by e-mail

In some cases, the order returns to the sender due to address not found, we will reship the product at no
additional cost to the buyer.
Don’t worry, your item will soon arrive for you in perfect condition.
Your only responsibility is to put the correct address at the time of purchase and receive your order.
Any questions just contact our support through this e-mail: